Partner with MLazgar

The Mlazgar Associates team is excited for your visit to our market on

We are requesting that our manufacturer partners plan on spending two full days with our team. The agenda would include product training session(s) (2 hour max) with our staff starting at 8 a.m. the first day, and scheduled sales calls for the remainder of your time with us.

In an attempt to maximize our time together, we are requesting the following information:

(Incoming and outgoing times and airline)

(Name and address of hotel)

(Name of rental company and address)

(Visit Focus/Product Information)

We understand that schedules change and want our partners to know that the schedule will only be confirmed after receipt of the information requested. Our office will coordinate the sales, quotation, and design teams to attend your training, and we will have targeted accounts scheduled for your visit based on the information you provide. We look forward to your visit and please let us know if there are any special arrangements that you will need during your time here.

Safe travels and we will see you soon!